Bakhyt Kadyrova

I practice calligraphy since 2017. My first profession was a lawyer, I had been working as a lawyer in consulting for 8 years. My calligraphy adventure started with making family New Year cards together with my sons. I found some examples of beautifully hand-written cards on Pinterest, and that was the first time I popped in the world of fine letters. Since then calligraphy became my main activity.

I am passionate to study calligraphy, new techniques, to sharpen my skills, and to use letterforms in my art projects. I also teach calligraphy. Currently I am working on a Spencerian manual in Russian and give weekly free live sessions on Instagram.

I mostly study online and by manuals, also at calligraphy conferences and workshops. I was lucky to study with such great teachers as Yukimi Annand, Yves Leterme, John Stevens, Massimo Polello, Elmo van Slingerland, Carl Rohrs, Laurant Rébéna, Randall Hasson, Philippe Dabasse, Serge Cortesi, Barbara Close, Harvest Crittenden, Michael Sull, Michael Ward,  Elena Alekseeva and others.

In 2019 I participated in the 38th International Calligraphy Conference Rendez-vous in Sherbrooke, Canada, and the 70th IAMPETH Conference in Denver, USA. In 2020 I participated as a speaker in the international calligraphy and lettering festival Calligrafest.